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Are you part of a community project? Are you looking to raise money for a charitable cause? Xtreme Clean Auto Spa cares about the communities we live in and offer multiple fundraising opportunities for almost any good cause of any size. Whether you need to raise funds for the whole year, or just for a few weeks, we have three easy ways to help you meet your goal! Team up with us and eliminate the challenges of traditional fundraising!

Option 1: Continuous Fundraiser

How it works:

With a free and easy setup, generate income to your organization on a monthly or quarterly basis. We’ll provide you with a unique 6 digit code to enter into our brand new, touch screen pay terminals. After you receive the code, you may pass it out and market it any way you’d like – there’s no limit to how many times the code can be used! Anyone using the code will instantly receive $2 off of our $15 wash package, and your organization will receive $3! For example, if your code is 123456, a supporter would pull up to our automated pay station, enter the code, and $2 will be taken off the price of the wash immediately, and $3 will go to your organization. At the end of every month, we will generate a summary of how many times your unique code has been used and provide you with a copy.

Option 2: Gift Cards

How it works:

This is our most popular option. Simply pre-order a minimum of 30 pre-paid cars in denominations $15, $20, and $30. Once your order is complete, a discount of 30% off the total amount will be given. Your organization is free to dispense or sell the cards any way you’d like! Gift cards are used just like credit cards. Customers simply pull up to our pay station, select the desired wash package, and swipe their card. The remaining balance will be printed on the receipt. Gift cards and their remaining funds do not expire.

Option 3: Sunday Fund-day

How it works:

We will coordinate with your organization and select a Xtreme Clean Sunday which your organization will promote through flyers, social media, radio, and other various methods to grab the attention of as many supporters as possible. Each supporter that wishes to donate may do so by notifying the attendant, and an additional $2 will be added to the final cost of the wash package. At the end of the business day, we will add up the amount of donations received and match that amount dollar for dollar! We encourage your organization to invite as many volunteers and representatives as you’d like to help out, collect donations, and talk to customers about donating to your cause throughout the day. We also ask that you allow us to approve all advertising material prior to marketing.


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